Beauty Blender

Makeup artists and Celebrities alike have been raving about the Beauty Blender makeup sponge since it launched well over a year ago so, you can imagine my delight when I first ‘spotted’ this hot pink, egg-shaped wonder at my local Sephora.

This multiple, award-winning genius cosmetic applicator lets you blend, blend, blend your way to perfectly airbrushed skin! To use, hold the sponge under the tap to fill with water. It will expand to more than double it’s original size…then squeeze out excess water until you are left with a damp sponge. Now, use the sponge to dab, bounce and blend product (liquid/cream foundation/concealer etc) onto the skin.

Beauty Blender Sponge

The unique shape makes application foolproof and allows you access to hard to reach areas (including under the eyes), making it a breeze to apply your products. Its suede-like texture feels super luxe on your skin and will leave your makeup flawless and undetectable. When you’re finished using, simply wash with soap and water (or Blender Cleanser- sold separately) and set on top of the container ‘pedestal’ to dry. With proper care, your sponge can last for months and months. Check out the Beauty Blender website for a quick, how-to video.

Beauty Blender Solid

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Sephora or Murale store to pick one up or check out the link below. You can thank me later.

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