Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

Everyone who knows me knows I practically hyperventilate over a great lip stick/gloss/balm.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine is all 3 of the above rolled into one perfect lip confection.  Described on the Chanel website as a ‘Hydrating Color Lipshine’, Coco Shine boasts an innovative formula with great color pay-off and moisture beyond, thanks to its patented ‘Hydratendre Complex’.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 7.51.34 PM

The perfect hybrid of lipstick and gloss, the Rouge Coco Shine formula is buttery soft, offering a sheer wash of gorgeous color with the ideal amount of shine every time.  The color range is impressive with loads of beautiful shades to choose from.   It’s no surprise that I immediately honed in on ‘Chance’, the perfect baby pink with a hint of coral as the first of many pretty colors I’ve since picked up.  Other gorgeous shades I love are Boy- a classic ‘my lips only better’ shade,  Fétiche for a mauve pink pout with subtle shimmer or Canotier for the quintessential sexy nude lip.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 11.27.51 AM

So flawless, this gem has earned a permanent spot in my (already massive) rotation of lip products…will it make it into yours?  Let me know.

Available wherever Chanel products are sold.

3 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

  1. I’ve been using ‘Flirt’ for a year and could not live without, unbelievable texture and moisture on the lip, defiantly a must have for a night out!

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